Hello world! I am Charlie McQuigg, and I am a graphic & web designer, specializing in front-end web design. The idea here is that you "meat" me, (your maker), and I can offer you the complete drive-thru experience, purchasing and receiving a website / design.

I offer a variety of creative services, including graphic design, web design, animation and illustration. Graphics are frequently delivered in vector format, but this isn't always the case. All web design projects are created by me, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Animations are simple, 2D and created in Adobe After Effects. Illustrations run the gamut as far as media. I create illustrations using mixed media, pen & ink, watercolors, acrylic paint, Photoshop and more.

All creative direction is conducted by myself. I create all of the digital assets for your website, but I can also team up w/ your preferred graphic designer or web designer to create a truly unique experience. I can create graphics for your website templates; modify your existing website or website template; or create a new project from scratch. I only offer front-end web design services. I will have to team up w/ another developer or use a software tool in order to add backend / serverside functionality to your webpage.

I put great care into the fine details of the projects that I take on. I believe in investment, of both time and money. I invest my time into great products and great people. If you're interested in investing your time & money in me, expect quality, integrity, and a thorough / time-tested product.