Hello! My name is Charlie McQuigg, and I am your web developer. SO, what's with all the 'meat' stuff? Wow! I'm glad that you asked! My business is a service that brings the notable and noteworthy drive-through, popularized throughout the restaurant world, into the web design / development space.

The overarching idea behind this webpage is that you 'meat' your maker, myself; tell me a bit about your business / interest / portfolio / self; input your money; and I output your newly brandished webpage -- a webpage that accurately represents your own unique identity. This is what I do.

You come in. You tell me who you are / what you want on your sandwhich. I curate and create a personalized order to your exact taste / specifications. You pull up to the next window, and you're up and running to whatever comes next for you and your new life -- webpage online / intact / and looking good.

I hail from my native hometown of Miami Oklahoma, and I specialize in wholly customized webpages -- from top to bottom. I have over 10 years of experience within this space and other forms of interactive media -- graphic design, web design, animation, video and audio editing, desktop publishing, video and audio production.

So, I am uniquely positioned to offer a variety of services and customizability with the web pages that I build. I offer a customizability that may perhaps be more difficult to come by elsewhere.

Hello! I like to invest my time, working with clients, and just as I'm investing myself in you, you're investing yourself in me. That's why I ask that all clients make a $100.00 down payment toward their graphics or web page -- before I begin.



• responsive original graphics

• vectors, logos, illustrations, or artwork

• vector images and logos are priced separately

static website


• responsive original graphics

• partially responsive design
( mobile & desktop )

• polished UI / comfortable continuity

responsive website


• responsive original graphics

• fully responsive design & layout
( mobile & desktop )

• transitions and animations

• animated navigation

• consistent design continuity

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graphics static website responsive website

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